See guaranty. American Banker Glossary
The assumption of responsibility for payment of a debt or performance of some obligation if the liable party fails to perform to expectations. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
Financial security required for some warehouse premises and all movements of duty suspended excise goods from an excise warehouse. Administered by the Financial Securities Centre ( FSC). HM Customs & Revenue Glossary

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I. guarantee guar‧an‧tee 1 [ˌgærənˈtiː] verb [transitive]
1. to make a formal written promise to repair or replace a product if it has a fault within a specific period of time after you buy it:
guarantee something against something

• The car's galvanized bodyshell is guaranteed a full ten years against corrosion.

2. LAW FINANCE to make a legal promise to repay a loan if the original borrower default S (= fails to repay it or make interest payments on it ) :

• The loan will be guaranteed by Bangkok Bank.

  [m0] II. guarantee guarantee 2 noun [countable]
1. a formal written promise to repair or replace a product if it has a fault within a specific period of time after you buy it:
guarantee against

• For new home-owners, some builders have now given a 20-year guarantee against structural defects.

guarantee be under guarantee

• As the video camera was still under guarantee (= protected by a guarantee ) , he took it back to the shop to be repaired.

ˌmoney-back guaranˈtee
a promise to return the money paid for a product or service if the customer is not satisfied:

• Everything in the catalogue comes with a money-back guarantee.

perˈformance guaranˌtee
1. another name for guarantee:

• The engine is covered by a performance guarantee.

2. FINANCE in selling a property or other investment, a guarantee by the seller that the property etc will reach a minimum level of profitability:

• The sale of the ski resort is subject to performance guarantees that it will live up to expectations.

3. COMMERCE a contract between a supplier and a manufacturer that specifies conditions for the design and delivery of parts by the supplier:

• Micro Compact Car has performance guarantees with the component companies that are partners on the project.

2. FINANCE an agreement to be responsible for someone else's promise, especially a promise to repay a loan if the original borrower default S (= fails to repay it or make interest payments on it )
3. FINANCE BANKING money or assets held by an organization until someone has paid their debts, or debts that they might have in the future:

• creditor banks holding part of the airline's assets as guarantees of earlier debts

ˈbank guaranˌtee BANKING FINANCE
a promise by a bank to repay a loan if the original borrower default S:

• The bank guarantee for the loan was not put in place until days before the company purchased the site.

ˈcross guaranˌtee BANKING FINANCE
a guarantee given to a bank by several companies that are part of the same group of companies, when the bank lends money to one of the companies in the group
ˌexport ˈcredit guaranˌtee FINANCE
a promise by a government organization to an exporter that they will repay loans taken out to finance the goods being exported if the importer fails to pay for them:

• The 1990 farm law forbids the Agriculture Department from extending agricultural export credit guarantees to any country that can't adequately service the debt.

ˈloan guaranˌtee FINANCE BANKING
a promise to repay a loan if the original borrower default S:

• The Canadian government agreed to contribute $2.3 billion in cash and loan guarantees toward Hibernia's development costs.

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guarantee UK US /ˌgærənˈtiː/ verb [T]
to promise that something will happen or is true: guarantee sb sth »

European Airlines guarantees its customers top-quality service.

guarantee that sth is sth »

We guarantee that our products are 100% safe.

be guaranteed (to be) sth »

Their bread is guaranteed free of preservatives.

to make something sure to happen or to be true: »

Good design does not always guarantee success.

guarantee that »

How can we guarantee that no one can access our intranet?

COMMERCE if a company guarantees a product or service, it gives a written promise to return the customer's money or repair or exchange the product if there is a problem with it within a particular period: guarantee sth for sth »

We guarantee all our work for six months.

BANKING to offer something valuable to someone with the agreement that they can keep it if you fail to pay a loan or do what you promise: »

If you guarantee the loan, you will lose the business if you default on payments.

guarantee UK US /ˌgærənˈtiː/ noun
[C or U] COMMERCE a written promise by a company to return a customer's money or repair or change the product if there is a problem within a particular period after buying it: »

The system costs £99.95 including postage, packing and a 12-month guarantee.


I'm afraid we can't replace the television as it's no longer under guarantee.

come with/have/carry a guarantee »

The laptop has a two-year guarantee.

a guarantee on sth »

There is a six-month guarantee on all our vehicle repairs.


The store offers money-back guarantees on all electronics.

[C] something that makes another thing sure to happen or to be true: no guarantee of sth/not a guarantee of sth »

Laboratory testing of a new drug is not a guarantee of safety.

a guarantee that »

There is no guarantee that the discussions will lead to a deal.

[C] a promise from someone that something will be done or will happen: a guarantee that »

The CEO gave employees a guarantee that he would keep the factory open at all costs.

[C] BANKING something valuable that you offer to someone with the agreement that they can keep it if you fail to pay a loan or do what you promise: a guarantee against sth »

The mortgage borrower provides the house as a guarantee against the loan.

See also BANK GUARANTEE(Cf. ↑bank guarantee), BANK GUARANTEE FUND(Cf. ↑bank guarantee fund), CHEQUE GUARANTEE CARD(Cf. ↑cheque guarantee card), COMPANY LIMITED BY GUARANTEE(Cf. ↑company limited by guarantee), CROSS GUARANTEE(Cf. ↑cross guarantee), DEBT GUARANTEE(Cf. ↑debt guarantee), EXPORT CREDIT GUARANTEE(Cf. ↑export credit guarantee), FINANCIAL GUARANTEE INSURANCE(Cf. ↑financial guarantee insurance), PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE(Cf. ↑performance guarantee)

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